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Over the decades I’ve done yoga on and off with various teachers. I must say I’ve never benefited from a session as much as this before. Nuala zoned in right away on the core of my problem, and I felt so much better – and energetic – after an hour of perfectly targeted movements. I have a long-term back problem, and this session finally convinced me that passive stuff like massage and acupuncture will never solve it alone. I’ll have to do the work – and it has to be yoga! Thanks so much, Nuala!
Richard Burton, Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health

I know how daunting it is to join a yoga class for the first time so I aim to create a happy and safe environment making the class a welcoming space.

My main aspects in yoga is releasing areas of stiffness and pain resulting from daily tasks, sport games and fitness training; to tone and strengthen muscles, massaging internal organs, creating a better blood supply and to detox. This way you gain a deeper understanding in where your body is and how you can improve.

I introduce the art of breathing and the power of breath work, allowing space for deep emotional and mental release experiencing speedy recovery from physical and emotional challenges.

I teach yoga in a vinyasa style (postures flowing) which ranges from easy to challenging. I approach my classes in a lighthearted but focused manner, steering a class toward a focused, dedicated and balanced experience assisting in gaining clarity and peace of mind. I like to take everyone on a spiritual trip before the end of the class and leave with a sense of achievement, also with a personal positive intention for the week. Taking home tools to deal with what life throws at you and lift your spirits with that ‘cant wait for the next class’ feeling.

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